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The process of plate production is changed into one line.
The forming line plays a role in cleaning lubricating oil, antioxidant grease and various dirt during rolling process of a layer attached to the surface of aluminum foil, and removes the precipitation of impurities such as silicon, magnesium and copper on the surface of aluminum products. The company uses Hankow's worrying chemical raw materials and technology to treat the surface of aluminum coil, forming a dense honeycomb-like oxide film on the surface of aluminum coil, so that the paint and aluminum coil are tightly combined through this intermediary and have good adhesion.
The production process of aluminum plastic plate one precision coating line
The precision coating line is formed after the aluminum roll is painted by customers according to all kinds of paint. The company adopts international advanced precision three-roll reverse roll coating machine, in a closed and dust-free state of precision coating, so that the coating thickness and coating appearance quality are well controlled; oven temperature control baking in four areas, so that the coating solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility are reached the best state. It has good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.
The production process of aluminum plastic plate is a continuous hot bonding line.
Continuous heat-bonded composite wire is the key equipment of aluminum clad sheet forming. Its function is to make aluminum, FE core material and polymer film firmly bond under the action of continuous high heat and high pressure to form flat surface. The company uses imported polymer film, relying on advanced equipment, perfect process, strict control, so that the aluminum composite plate has a super peeling degree, has exceeded the international well-known brand indicators.